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Drew in name
John Andrew Kearns
Missoula, MT  59802    (406) 549-9074

Eighteen years experience in areas of software development, systems management, electronics, and business management.  Major strengths include:
  • Strong ability to learn and comprehend quickly.
  • Ability to work independently or within a team.
  • Able to combine knowledge from all areas of experience.
  • Fast adaptation to new situations and circumstances.
JSCorp / Flexportal 2001 to current
2700 Radio Way
Missoula, Montana  59804
Lead Application Developer
Assumed developmental control of FlexPortal Project.  FlexPortal is enterprise-caliber software for small to medium sized businesses.  Flexportal is designed as a single-vendor integrated portal solution to streamline administrative tasks including site design, content distribution, and user/access management.  After joining the team one year into development, core accomplishments include: revamped code to C++ to be modular for rapid development, streamlined development, push, and backup processes to ensure live code integrity, and rapid developed a POS style interface and database for Human Resource Council's First Call For Help client input and tracking using FlexPortal.
Dantis, Incorporated 2001
205 North Michigan Avenue, Suite 2200
Chicago, Illinois  60601
Senior Application Developer,
Research and Development
Re-wrote web site to allow for future additions.  Created a series of Java beans and classes to be used in all future projects, including extended logging functions and a dynamic properties loader that allowed real time changes to be made in configuration files regardless of what Java engine was running (ie: servletexec).   Mapped out and began creation of tables and methods for NT style Users and Groups for project logins.
Wam!Net, Incorporated 1998 to 2001
201 West Main Street, Suite 100
Missoula, MT  59802
Software Developer, Research and Development,
Graphics Design, Network Administrator
Continued developing and refining tabbed-form project created at FreeMail, Incorporated (FreeMail, Incorporated was purchased by Wam!Net, Incorporated).   Created an Internet engine and web-based front end that allows files to be uploaded and bundled with tabbed-forms to create a package that can be shipped over the Wam!Net system.   Re-designed and created a web-based front end for internal database manipulation.   Re-designed and rebuilt entire Missoula office thin-net network and phone system.  
FreeMail, Incorporated 1996 to 1998
201 West Main Street, Suite 101
Missoula, MT  59802
Developer, Tech Support, Graphics Design,
Network Administrator
Developed a protocol that enables tabbed-form layout and data to be transferred and viewed on the Internet.  Developed Internet engines in Java and Perl that allows viewing and entering of data into tabbed-forms.  Answered all front-end technical support questions.  Redesigned corporate logo and handled all computer graphic design, conversion, and implementation.  Beta tested all software products.  Administered and maintained local area thin-net network.
Atlantic Computer Technologies, Incorporated 1995 to 1996
11500 Coastal Highway
Ocean City, MD
Technician, Programmer, Consultant
Repaired and configured computers and peripherals.  Designed and installed thin-net LANs and set up network software.  Developed custom Symantec Q&A front end for hotel and condominium scheduling and billing.  Administered local area network operating Novell Netware and WIN95 networks.  Specialized in solving hardware conflicts.
Deep Forest Computer Systems, Incorporated 1994 to 1995
1 Merganser Rd.
Georgetown, Delaware  19971
Programmer, System Designer
Designed and installed thin-net LANs and set up network software.  Developed custom MS Access databases for clients to organize inventory, scheduling, billing control, and file management.  Developed conversion programs to handle high volume file conversions.  Specialized in customizing MS Windows environment for client user-friendliness.
Weiner Distributing Company 1988 to 1996
409 Warwick Ave.
Baltimore, Maryland  21230
Location Manager, Technician, Industry Consultant
Electronic technician and field service technician from 1988 to 1991 in Baltimore, Maryland and surrounding areas.  Managed Dolles Arcade in Rehoboth Beach, Delaware from 1991 to 1994.  Managed Boardwalk Fun in Ocean City, Maryland from 1994 to 1995. Location responsibilities include: Money collections, compiling and transferring bank deposits, supervising the operation of a retail style redemption counter, and the hiring and managing of up to an eight member crew.  Traveled to nationwide client locations to serve as an arcade operations consultant and technical trainer.
Towson State University
Towson, Maryland
Studied mathematics, computer science, electronics, eastern philosophy, and psychology.
Selected courses: C Programming, VAX 11 Assembly Programming, Turbo Pascal, Electronic Design, Calculus II, Discrete Mathematics, Order Disorder Chaos and Nothingness.
DeVry Institute of Technology
Phoenix, Arizona
Completed courses in Electronics Engineering Technology.
Selected courses:  Electronic Devices and Circuits, Circuit Analysis, and Computer Programming.
Flying, snow skiing, skydiving, music writing, bicycling, computer gaming, and RC gliders.